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Ralph Friedgen Rumored To Be Georgia Offensive Line Coach Candidate, According To Rumory Rumor

Recently deposed Maryland Terrapins head coach Ralph Friedgen has the short track among the finalists for the Georgia Bulldogs vacant offensive line coach job, according to Football Rumor Mill. Ordinarily Football Rumor Mill wouldn’t be near enough of a source to merit an update, but it’s starting to pop up elsewhere little by little, and Kyle King of Dawg Sports uncovered some interesting Dawgly Twitter behavior on the part of Fridge.

Still, absolutely none of that is anywhere near an indication Friedgen is in line for the job. [Insert 100 other rumor disclaimers here.]

To recap, Georgia OL coach Stacy Searels left almost two weeks ago to take the same job on the Texas Longhorns coaching staff. OK, that’s the recap.

Few doubt Friedgen’s skills as an offensive coach. He’s a good teacher and leader, and his only knocks at Maryland were the Terps lagging recruiting classes (which, as a position coach, he’d be much less responsible for), a couple lully years, and that one awful, horrible 2009 season. Other than that he’s been good-to-great throughout his career, including during his two stops as Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets offensive coordinator. Wait a second …

Yep, Friedgen coached on the Bobby Ross staff that won Tech a national title in 1990, and on the George O’Leary staff that nearly saw Joe Hamilton win a Heisman Trophy. So the man as responsible as almost anybody for two of the three best Georgia Tech football seasons since Bobby Dodd could join Mark Richt’s assemblage in Athens.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.