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A.J. Green, Justin Houston, Brandon Boykin Leaving Georgia To Enter NFL Draft, According To Strange Tweet!

Update 1/8: Looks like the tweet that had Georgia Twitter all stirred up was incorrect.

Last night this tweet by former Georgia Bulldogs player Kelin Johnson, in which Johnson alleges A.J. Green, Justin Houston, and Brandon Boykin will declare for the NFL Draft on Friday, sent local Twitter into a — well, not quite a frenzy, more like some sort of Mexican standoff. Nobody really know what to make of it, but it’s now been retweeted by four different local media personalities and cited on air by WSB’s Zach Klein, and is at least worth considering.

The tweet:

UGA’s AJ Green, Justin Houston and Brandon Boykin will declare to the NFL Draft tomorrow.

And, again, it's being cited by multiple Atlanta sports traditional media members, even though Boykin has already denied it, which wouldn’t necessarily rule out Green or Houston. Boykin:

Not sure where these rumors have come from, but I have not made any decision.

This is now the second time reports have surfaced on Twitter (and been shot down on the same medium) of a Dawg or Dawgs going pro. Were it not for Johnson’s claimed date of announcement (January 7), it really wouldn’t even be news at all, as Green and Houston would have to turn down instant millions to return to school.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.