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Georgia vs. Mississippi State: Special Teams Trade Goofs, UGA Leads 24-3

After Mississippi State's Arceto Clark fumbled deep inside MSU territory, Georgia was able to put up the only points of the third quarter so far with a  27-yard Blair Walsh field goal.

Another Mississippi State punting gaffe was answered quickly by sloppiness from Georgia earlier in the quarter. MSU punter Baker Swedenburg muffed a snap to set UGA on the MSU 17 yard line, but Georgia holder Drew Butler would mishandle the snap on UGA field goal attempt from the five-yard-line, returning possession to State. 

Backup quarterback, prolific Twitterer and South Mississippi Royalty Dylan Favre has entered the game for Mississippi State after Chris Relf has led MSU to only two first downs in three quarters of play. Favre was sacked on his first play, and is currently 0 for 2 passing.

After throwing two touchdowns in the first half, Aaron Murray has struggled. Following his two second quarter interceptions, Murray has completed only two passes for 23 yards thus far in the third quarter. 

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.