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Mitch Mustain Resurfaces: Former Arkansas, USC QB Signs With Georgia Force

Consider this a coda in the saga of Las Cronicas De Boss Hawg: Former Southern Cal and Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain, who arguably set in motion the 2007 Houston Nutt revolt in the Ozarks, has signed with the Arena Football League's Georgia Force.

Mustain was a rising star at Arkansas until play calling disputes between Nutt and then-OC Gus Malazahn splintered the entire state and set in course a series of events still unfolding today, all thanks in part to Mustain, who the anti-Nutt contingency touted as a surefire Heisman winner.

(In the interest of brevity, we're leaving out the all fun Univision parts: profane letters between players' parents and administrators' wives, a landmark FOI motion that revealed a possible Nutt affair with a local reporter, secret booster cabals operating from Wal-Mart's corporate offices and the Tyson chicken plants, etc., etc.)

Mustain left Fayetteville for the calmer atmosphere of probation-riddled Southern Cal (read that sentence again, it makes sense) but never locked down the starting job. After going undrafted in April he signed a contract with the CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but was released in June. 

Despite his fast track to obscurity after leaving the Hogs, Mustain's huffy transfer from Arkansas is theoretically responsible for everything from the resurgence and then implosion of Ole Miss football, the mercenary pact between Bobby Petrino and Arkansas, Auburn's national championship and the dawning of the Dimitroff-Smith-Ryan era of the current Atlanta Falcons. What the hell did Jevan Snead ever do for football?

Not bad for an Arena League rookie. We'd be remiss in highlighting the irony that at last, Mustain will be able to operate on a team and in a league that will never, ever tell him to hand the ball off.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.