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Georgia President Michael Adams Chair Of NCAA Committee Recommending Cutting Football Scholarships

Whatever your political flavor, it's unwise to appoint the NCAA to help fix America's job creation woes: CBS Sports is reporting that a NCAA committee has recommended cutting the maximum scholarships FBS football programs can offer from 85 to 80, a move that would theoretically allow for higher "full cost of attendance" scholarships to be offered soon after. 

The committee, bureaucratically named the "Resource Allocation Working Group," is chaired by University of Georgia President Michael Adams. In addition, the committee recommended cutting the max scholarship limit of FCS football programs from 63 to 60, mens basketball from 13 to 12, and womens basketball from 15 to 13.

If the NCAA heeds the "Working Group's" advice, it will send the message that the only way for student athletes to receive a scholarship that actually covers the real-life version of a student athlete's needs is to prevent other deserving persons from receiving a chance to play college sports at all. 

Never mind the billion dollar TV contracts: If only there was a way to create new revenue to fund better scholarships, like, say a giant college football playoff? Crazy talk.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.