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SEC Expansion: What Would Texas A&M, Missouri Mean For Basketball?

When SEC expansion is discussed, the topic normally centers around the ramifications for football. But with basketball season on the horizon, what does the addition of Texas A&M and the likely addition of Missouri mean for SEC basketball?

At first glance, Texas A&M seems to fit the mold of most of the basketball teams in the conference. They might not be considered an afterthought, but they clearly aren't on equal footing with the football teams. Former Aggies coach Mark Turgeon opted to take the Maryland job because of the stature of the basketball program even though he had built a successful program in College Station. If new coach Billy Kennedy can sustain the success that Turgeon enjoyed, then the Aggies should add another solid basketball program to the SEC. 

Missouri on the other hand looks like it could fit the mold not so much as a Kentucky but maybe a Vanderbilt somewhere down the line. That is if new coach Frank Haith can duplicate the success of former coach Mike Anderson who coincidentally left Missouri to take the job in Arkansas. One thing Haith doesn't have to worry about in Missouri is whether or not they will take their basketball seriously. Missouri was projected to finish in the top half of the Big 12 this season before losing Laurence Bowers to an ACL injury. Over the long haul Haith will have to prove that he can restock the talent but moving to the SEC could actually help with recruiting. 

Football remains the top dog in the SEC but no one should be disappointed over what Texas A&M and potentially Missouri would bring to the hardwood. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.