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Georgia Vs. Mississippi State: SEC West Dogs Put Up Fight, But Only In Pregame

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For the second straight week, the Georgia Bulldogs beat a Mississippi team despite playing a sloppy second half. The Mississippi St. Bulldogs fell, 24-10, in a rare Sanford Stadium appearance, and maybe if they came around more often they'd be a little more familiar with local norms:

"I saw them running up and jumping on the ‘G.' I knew that was a mistake," [Christian] Robinson said. "You just don't do that. (MSU quarterback Chris] Relf was up in my face. I said, ‘OK, you can win now, but we'll win the game.' They picked before the game to try to set the tone. We set it on the field."    

Before the game, a Miss State punt drill led players to congregate on Georgia's field centerpiece, which sort of sounds like a convenient reason for everybody to wind up on the home team's logo. It's also the kind of slight that every team in every sport ever is just hoping the other team will commit so that the grievance can be addressed. Hey, whatever works.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.