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Trey Thompkins Taking Full Advantage Of The NBA Lockout

Former Georgia standout Trey Thompkins left the Bulldogs after his junior season only to slip in the draft before being picked in the second round by the Los Angeles Clippers. Thompkins was once thought of as a solid first round selection but slipped during his junior season. He slid even further after results surfaced that he checked in with a 15.5 body fat percentage at the NBA Draft Combine.


Apparently Thompkins got the message and understands that nothing is guaranteed for a second round pick in the NBA as he tweeted out that his body fat percentage was now at 6.6 and he was still not satisfied. To be completely fair, Thompkins battled injury throughout his junior season including an ankle injury that had him on the shelf early in the season. It is quite possible that Thompkins' injuries played a part in his physical conditioning before the NBA Draft Combine.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.