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Larry Munson Dead At 89, Georgia Football Confirms

Legendary Georgia Bulldogs announcer Larry Munson died Sunday night due to complications from pneumonia, the University of Georgia confirmed shortly after reports broke. Munson was 89 years old, and had recently been hospitalized due to a respiratory infection.

CollegeFootballTalk@CFTalk UGA announced the passing of beloved broadcaster Larry Munson tonight due to complications from pneumonia.    

Georgia football fans have just now begun expressing their thoughts and emotions at Dawg Sports. Expect a lot of sadness and homages of every sort to come out over the next few days, as Munson's passion for the school and vibrant, timeless play calls provided memories for fans from all around the Southeast, from the 1980 Georgia-Florida game to the 2001 Georgia-Tennessee game to Herschel Walker and Bill Bates and beyond.

My personal favorite: the 1982 Auburn game.

Munson's fretting, pleading homerism endeared him to a football-devoted state and made him one of the most regionally prized announcers in any sport. More to come.

For more on Munson and the Georgia Bulldogs, visit Dawg Sports.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.