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Larry Munson Dead: A Collection Of His Best Calls

Larry Munson's voice was as much a part of Georgia Football as the players and coaches on field. The 1980 Georgia-Florida game may have provided Munson with his signature moment with his now famous Run-Lindsay-Run call that became part of a magical National Championship season for the Bulldogs.

Another signature moment from the 1980 season came in Herschel Walker's debut against Tennessee. Munson's call of Walker's touchdown run over and through Volunteers' safety Bill Bates remains as one of the Bulldog faithful's favorite of all time. 

One of the greatest things that separated Larry Munson from his contemporaries was that you could actually feel the emotion in his voice as he pleaded with the Bulldogs to "Hunker Down" or the joy in his voice when he so elegantly described how there was "sugar falling from the sky" against Auburn in 1982. 

Georgia Vs. Auburn 1982 Hunker Down Mp3

The 1984 Clemson game was the subject of another all-great Munson call as Kevin Butler lined up to kick what was described as from "one hundred thousand miles" that eventually led to a stadium being "worse than bonkers." Just simply a classic. 

Georgia's victory over Auburn in 1992 saw the Bulldogs grab an improbable victory as the Bulldogs defense came up with a goal line stand as Auburn couldn't get a play off in the waning seconds prompting Munson to credit "old lady luck" for the victory. 

Little did anyone know that in 2001 that a red-shirt freshman quarterback named David Greene would go on to become one of the winningest quarterbacks in NCAA history. His last minute drive in 2001 delivered a rare Georgia victory over Tennessee and yet another signature moment from Larry Munson that had everyone searching for their dictionary.

In 2002 the Bulldogs captured their first SEC Championship in twenty years and much like in 1982, it came down to a single play against Auburn. Just like in 1982, Larry Munson was behind the mic for the Bulldogs. 

In 2003 against Tennessee, Georgia safety Sean Jones scooped up a fumble at the five yard line and raced 95 yards for a Bulldogs touchdown prompting Munson to pay homage to "old lady luck" once again. Current UGA announcer Scott Howard injects a hob nail boot reference for good measure. 

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.