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Larry Munson Dies, And The College Football World Reacts

Georgia Bulldogs football legend Larry Munson is dead at the age of 89, claimed by pneumonia complications. The former Dawgs play-by-play announcer, and the program's biggest cheerleader, provided one of the Southeast's most enduring and recognizable voices for more than 40 years. He'll be remembered as a broadcaster who cared at least as much as his listeners did and one who captured the essence of his audience about as well as can be done.

You should read the obits put together by Tony BarnhartSeth Emerson, and Paul Westerdawg, and here are some instant reactions from Georgia fans, current and former players, and voices from around college football and Georgia sports.

Hunter Long@hlong73 Prayers go out to the Munson family. Damn good dawg. RIP.    

Wes Durham@WesDurham Tonight I have lost a friend, our business has lost an icon and Georgia has lost a legend. God bless Larry Munson. Prayers to his family.    

Drew Butler@DrewBut13r "So we'll try to kick one a hundred thousand miles...."    

Mark Fox@coachmarkfox We lost a damn good dawg today. RIP Larry Munson.    

Scott Van Pelt@notthefakeSVP RIP Larry Hunker down A young@cbfowler and a legendary call. Google hobnail boot as well


Aaron Murray@aaronmurray11 The greatest to ever call a football game has passed... we love you Larry Munson #riplarry

Dale Murphy@DaleMurphy3 "@BillShanks: Here is Munson's best play-by-play series IMO -" •••Truly, a classic. Wow. •••    

Lang Whitaker@langwhitaker I hope they allow hobnail boots in heaven. RIP Larry Munson.    

Christian Robinson@crob45 In shock about Larry Munson right now    

Jeff Schultz@JeffSchultzAJC When I moved to Atlanta 22 years ago, I didn't get Larry Munson attraction. Didn't take long before I changed my mind. He was Georgia.    

Bob Rathbun@BobRathbunTV So long friend. As long as the Dawgs snap a football, you will be with us. Thanks for the memories. #LarryMunson

mike moore@mikemoore5star rip larry munson. will be forever remembered by the uga faithful.    

John Isner@JohnIsner RIP Larry Munson. Damn good dawg. #legend

David O'Brien@ajcbraves Oh, man, just heard about Larry Munson. RIP, Mr. Munson. One of the giants. Truly part of the fabric of UGA and Georgia, period.    

Watts Dantzler@wattsdantzler RIP LM.. One of the greatest dawgs to ever live. Ton of my childhood was spent watching games on tv with my dad, tv muted and the radio on    

Steve Holman@RealVoiceofHawk Words not enough for me right now about Larry. I am very sad.    

Rex Robinson@Rex_Robinson5 If you happen to remember me, Larry Munson is the reason why. Thanks Larry...#RIP #DGD #Dawgs

Tech lies and cheats@aewsome No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. No. No. No. No. No. NO NO NO.    

Kris Durham@KrisDurham16 Sad to hear about a UGA legend passing. Rest in Peace Mr. Munson. #damngooddawg

Mark Arum@MarkArum Amen. RT @briandarby @MarkArum I picture Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson Sr, and Larry Munson sitting around a table in Heaven having a drink.    

Charles Bloom@SECPRGuy Long before games were on TV, radio broadcasters painted picture for us. Their call made it like we were watching the action. #LarryMunson

Richard Deitsch@richarddeitsch  The great Larry Munson has passed, a sports broadcasting legend in the South. Make sure you click on

Geno Atkins@GenoSacks R.I.P to Larry Munson.    

Chase Goodbread@ChaseGoodbread RIP Larry Munson. Best. Voice. Ever.    

AJC UGA@ajcuga From Athens broadcaster Jeff Dantzler: "His name is on the Mt Rushmore of Georgia Bulldogs. Forever the voice of the Dogs."    

For more on Munson and the Georgia Bulldogs, visit Dawg Sports.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.