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VIDEO: Chick-fil-A Bowl Staff Puzzles Through Matchups

Atlanta's Chick-fil-A Bowl is in a pickle (talk about turning the tables!!) this year. The top teams expected to be available for the game's picking include the South Carolina Gamecocks or Auburn Tigers from the SEC, along with the Virginia Tech Hokies, Clemson Tigers, or Florida St. Seminoles from the ACC.

Every one of those schools save Clemson has made at least one Georgia Dome appearance in the last two years, and there are three very recent rematches included in that cluster -- Clemson will have already played South Carolina this year, FSU played South Carolina last year in the Chick-fil-A, and Clemson and Auburn have played thrice in the past 16 months plus once in the Dome next year.

Unless you like rematches, have fun working through all that, y'all!

The bowl would assuredly be delighted to see the Hokies drop the ACC Championship Game. They've also played in the Dome twice in the past two years, but have shown they're willing to travel to Atlanta at a moment's notice. They're also the only top-tier team guaranteed to produce a non-rematch, unless something nutty happens on the SEC side.

In's latest projections, I sent Clemson and Auburn to the game -- really wouldn't mind watching those two play every few months, actually -- while Bill Connelly handed over South Carolina and Clemson. That sounds great and all, but we'd like the Dome to remain standing through New Year's.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.