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Georgia Vs. LSU: Aaron Murray On Speed, SEC Speed, And LSU Speed

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray, one of the country's finest young passers (No. 5 in passer rating among underclassmen) and already one of the best in UGA history (the new season touchdown record-holder), has a whale of a task ahead of him on Saturday. The LSU Tigers defense boasts more or less an entire secondary worth of NFL players, including one-man defensive offense Tyrann Mathieu, along with playmakers all across the defensive line.

Murray on what he's up against:

I have complete confidence in my O line. Those guys have done a great job all year. I think the biggest reason why we've been so successful on offense is those guys. They've given me plenty of time, and they've opened up huge running lanes for our running backs. Those guys, like I said, I trust them. Iknow they're going to go out there and do a goodjob for me.

Their defense, LSU, they're one of the best in the country. They have a lot of speed.You think of SEC defenses, you think of speed, and they have a whole other speed on top of that. They're very fast up front.

They get after the quarterback. They're one of the top defenses when it comes to sacks.

And their secondary, I mean, they have some of the best corners we'll probably face all year. We're going to have to make sure we're on our game and prepare extra hard this week.    

LSU ranks No. 6 in passing defense despite playing opponents forced to pass for almost entire games. They rank No. 4 against the run, so chin up, Mr. Murray!

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.