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Georgia Vs. LSU 2011: Bulldogs Searching For Respect

Saturday's SEC Championship game may be for the SEC Championship but could have little impact on the National Title picture. Many experts are predicting that an LSU loss to the Bulldogs would not prevent the Tigers from playing in the BCS title game. 

That line of thinking isn't sitting too well with the Georgia Bulldogs who are searching for just a little respect, particularly for its defensive unit. Linebacker Jarvis Jones doesn't understand why no one is talking about the Bulldogs' defensive unit.  

"I mean, everybody praises LSU defense, but I know we've got a pretty good defense," Jones, the SEC sack leader, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "We're aggressive. We play just as well as them. A lot of people don't give us credit [for] how we play. I think we play two different styles."

"I think our defense is just as good as theirs, if not better," he added.

Safety Shawn Williams echoed Jones' claim about the Georgia defense

Georgia safety Shawn Williams not shy when comparing his team's defense to LSU's: "I really do think we're better than they are.

Georgia will get its chance to earn respect on Saturday. 

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.