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The 2011 SEC Championship, A Game That Matters Whether It Matters Or Not

The LSU Tigers are virtually assured of a spot in the BCS National Championship Game whether they beat the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship or not. Even if LSU loses, it'll still boast an unquestionable collection of kills, from the nation's best conference win (over Alabama) to the nation's best out-of-conference win (over Oregon). 

While a Dawgs upset coupled with an Oklahoma St. Cowboys victory over the Oklahoma Sooners could somehow nudge the Alabama Crimson Tide out of that other spot in the title game, LSU technically doesn't have much to play for here, in realpolitik terms. Except that it's the SEC title.

Safety Brandon Taylor elaborates:

It is kind of weird. We don't look at it like that. That's kind of like a distraction to us because, if you win the SEC Championship, you get two rings, and that's what we've been playing for. It wouldn't feel as great going to the National Championship if you don't win the SEC Championship because we feel it's not right. We've just got to keep playing hard and win the SEC Championship because that's been one of our goals this year.    

A UGA victory could mean three SEC teams in BCS games, if Bama can hang on to No. 2 through Bedlam.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.