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Georgia Vs. Michigan State: Spartans Have Only Sold 5,000 Tickets For Outback Bowl

For the Michigan State Spartans, they were THIS close to reaching their ultimate prize for the season, an opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Badgers had different plans. So instead of facing off against the Oregon Ducks, the Spartans will have to settle for the Georgia Bulldogs (another loser in a conference championship) in the Outback Bowl.

Problem? Yes, the fans aren't nearly as eager to buy tickets as they would've been for the Rose Bowl. The Spartans have sold only 5,000 of its ticket allotment of 11,500 for the Outback Bowl thus far.

Per Detroit Free Press contributor George Sipple talking with Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis:

"It’s slower than you would want, but there’s some understanding of the temperature of the fan base right now," Hollis said. "Starting last night ... the marketing campaign hit Florida pretty hard. Trying to hit the 20,000 alums that live down there."

"The fan support in Indianapolis was off-the-charts. You’re sitting one play away from the Rose Bowl, but this is an outstanding bowl game and one of the best matchups out there."

The Georgia Bulldogs and the Michigan State Spartans will square off in the 2012 Outback Bowl on January 2nd.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.