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Mark Richt To Penn State? Again, No

The Penn State coaching search has gone on long enough to attract its own Mark Richt rumors, which are at least (so far) more reasonable than those Texas A&M assertions from last week. PSU is a top-10 job, unlike A&M, and could use a coach of Richt's spiritual reputation to help rebuild its program. So there's at least something to work with there this time, but it's still not happening.

Gotta say I believe Richt when he shoots down the rumors ahead of the Outback Bowl, though his agent will be wise to file these rumors away:

Marc Weiszer@marcweiszer Richt said he hasn't heard a word from Penn State. "Is that's what happening now?" Says he and agent haven't been contacted about jobs.

UGA has made it clear it wants to extend Richt's contract after Georgia's SEC East title run. The coach spoke again Friday about his desire to stay at Georgia "for a long time."

Hard to think of a reason why he'd want to head for alien recruiting territory to take over a program that could be in trouble with the feds, the state government, the NCAA, and the Big Ten just to have to coach against Urban Meyer all over again.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.