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Georgia's Michael Adams On Mark Richt's Future: UGA President Exactly As Not Funny As You Thought

We'd advise slotting Georgia president Michael Adams for a quick set sometime before the headliner at the next "Football University Presidents 'N Chancellors' Def Comedy Jam And State Funding Hearing." His bits are a little dry, and his timing painful. (This is why the SEC misses Gordon Gee - that guy breaks into a hellacious Carrot Top / Gallagher revue after a quart of Sherry. Right in the middle of the Wyndham Ballroom. It's insane.)

Sadly, we're only offered the print version of Adams' awkward, intentionally comedic response to Bulldog head coach Mark Richt's potential contract extension via the AJC:

"If we win Saturday, he’ll be back," Adams told media assembled there, "and if we lose we’re going to fire him."

He was joking, of course.

"I would be surprised if Mark Richt weren’t the coach here next year," Adams said as the laughter subsided.

"You see, I was providing you a spoof out the outset of my response, to highlight the irony of this, as you might say, 'up and down' season for Coach Richt. I got you there, media members. I got you there good."

Adams, that old kidder, was trying to deliver an ironic comment aimed at the fan response to the polar ends of Georgia's season. "Did you fellows know just how shortsighted and irrational these local football fans are? Let me tell you: It's a chuckler:"

"I get amused at this sometimes, frankly," Adams said. "I actually have had suggestions from some of the same people over the last four months that, after the 0-2 start, were asking the AD and me to terminate him, who are now upset that we haven’t renewed the contract.

THAT IS AMUSING. Adams' attempt at wit is about what you'd expect from a university leader, but we're wagging our fingers not for his awful "COACHES BE FIRIN'" schtick, but for his woeful timing: This is early December, a period in which any and all speculation or idle chatter becomes INTERNET MESSAGE BOARD CERTIFIED FACT in a matter of minutes, and then local talk radio wonks steal it to play reporter.


Now Google it.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.