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Georgia TE Aron White, Columbia Native, Talks About His Home Town

With the Georgia Bulldogs making a trip to new SEC member Missouri next season, senior TE Aron White, a native of Columbia, had nothing but nice things to say about his home town:

"They’re both college towns, both centered around the university," White said. "That’s one of the reasons I came here is because there are so many similarities between the two, and I felt like I was in a little Columbia when I came out here."

"If Columbia is more big-time than Athens, then Stanford is more big-time than Faurot," White said. "I love Faurot Field. I loved buying a general admission ticket and sitting on the hill. They’ve done a lot for their program over the last 10 years as far as building it up and making their facilities top-notch."

And while the rabid fan bases as well as the huge lineman of the SEC may surprise the Tigers, their wide-open Big 12 spread offense will be a culture shock as well:

"The SEC is known for its speed and its size. With that speed, I think that up front in the trenches is where they’re going to have to have the biggest adjustment, because I don’t think they’re gonna see a lot of guys that are running 4.6es that are 300 pounds," White said. "But at the same time it’s gonna be an adjustment for us because they’re gonna spread it out, they’re gonna sling it, that’s what they do."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.