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Georgia Vs. LSU: Mark Richt Laments Momentum Swing

If this, and if that, and so on -- if Tavarres King and Malcolm Mitchell had been able to hang on to sure touchdowns, and if anybody had been able to tackle Tyrann Mathieu, the Georgia Bulldogs could've taken at least a 21-0 lead into the second half against the LSU Tigers. Instead, it was 10-7, and anything inside of two scores feels like a LSU lead, as good as this team is.

After the game, even Mark Richt couldn't help but think about how close the Dawgs were to seizing control.

Well, congratulations to Coach Miles and LSU. They did a wonderful job. Outstanding football team.

We saw what or at least we lived out a lot of the things that other people have been living out playing those guys, their ability to get stronger as the game goes on. It was very evident that they were able to do that.

Of course, turnovers and momentum swings certainly didn't help us in the second half. I was proud of the way we started. We missed a couple of opportunities for more points. Probably could have had 21 points in the first half if we just catch the football, but we're not able to do that.

And then the second half, gosh, so many things that happened. Basically, just lost the momentum; they gained it, and we really couldn't slow it down once it got going. So my hat's off to them. I'm proud of our team.

It's hard to say a 32-point up-roughing was closer than it looked, but Georgia dominated LSU for most of the first 30 minutes. LSU achieved 12 total offensive yards, but probably could've won the game even if they did nothing but match that total in the second half. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.