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2011 National Signing Day Coverage: College Football Recruits Are Coming; Be Prepared

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The 2011 edition of college football's national signing day kicks off Wednesday, Feb. 2.

College football's national signing day 2011 goes down tomorrow, Feb. 2. For national coverage, I'd recommend firing up ESPNU at 9 am ET and just letting it burn a hole into your work computer monitor. As long as you can look at Urban Meyer's face for 10 hours, I mean.

Whether you can get TV where you're at or not, you should also check in with SB Nation's signing day StoryStream for all the biggest national stories, breakdowns of the major classes, and coverage of announcements and flips. That means a lot of SEC news, but stories from Here Thar Be Hockey Fans lands as well.

For team-specific coverage, browse our enormous network of school and region sites, a network that was founded well before yesterday.

Here's a list of the top unsigned recruits, where they might be headed, and where they're probably headed. Plenty more about signing day going up over the next few days at .com.

For Peach State fans, we've got something set up for our four biggest teams here at ATL.

Georgia: Here will be live coverage of Georgia's hauls, including Jeoffrey Pagan's 9 am ET announcement, the 10 am ET announcements by Kent Turene and Antonio Richardson, and Isaiah Crowell's 1:30 pm ET reveal. All of those are subject to change, but those are the times that are expected at the moment. And this is what Georgia's class looks like at the moment

Georgia Tech: Tech fans can get live updates here, with a full list of current commits right here. The big announcement for Yellow Jackets fans will be Darion Cooper's at noon ET, which we'll share as soon as it happens. Tech fans won't give up on Stephon Tuitt until he signs, so we'll update that too.

FCS: Live coverage for Georgia State football and Georgia Southern football too? But of course.

And we'll stay after it Wednesday night and Thursday morning with reactions from our team bloggers and a look at each conference's winners and losers.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.