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Toomer's Tree Hug Rally, Tide For Toomer's: Seems They Get Facebook In Alabama

In the wake of the Toomer's Corner tree-poisoning, both Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide fans are making themselves useful on the internet. And things are going a little better than they did when last we saw Bammers and Barners interacting in large numbers on Facebook.


Auburn fans have scheduled a ceremony at Toomer's Corner, called the Toomer's Tree Hug, for tomorrow at noon. They're not actually going to hug the trees, mind you, lest you worry liberalism is afoot in the Yellowhammer State. As of this writing, it has 8,000 claimed attendees on its Facebook page, which would make the landmark look something like it did after the team's recent BCS National Championship Game win.


Bama fans have countered with Tide for Toomer's, which claims to have raised over $8,000 in an effort to replace the poisoned trees. Come on, War Eaglemen, Bama's raised more dollars than you've arranged people to attend your tree ceremony? SOCIAL MEDIA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBER 282.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.