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VIDEO: Harvey Updyke Released From Jail, Flips Off News Cameras On His Way

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Harvey Updyke, the man charged with the lethal poisoning of Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner oak trees, has been released from jail according to CBS 8 News in Montgomery, Alabama. Updyke’s bail had been set at $50,000, which he was able to post.

Choosing to release himself back into the wild, a wild full of pissed-off Auburn fans and no quarter from Nick Saban himself, sounds like the worst idea possible. But in the video below, you can see Updyke is going out with middle fingers in the air. Like, totally literally:

Any doubts you may have had about Updyke’s sanity: they have been forcefully addressed.

Would you like to see a jury trial in this case? Would you? Goodness knows I would. Updyke’s decision to post bail instead of wait it out in a nice, safe jail cell could be a sign he’s actually going to use this event to draw even more attention to himself.

This college football offseason may be without the conference realignment spectacle from last year, so we’re going to need something to tide us over. Alabama’s trial of the century would do the trick, right?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.