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Harvey Updyke Living In A Vehicle Down By The River, According To Actual News Report

Harvey Updyke, the only arrest so far in the Toomer’s Corner tree-poisoning case, is living in a car by a creek, according to Montgomery’s WSFA 12 News, an actual news organization and not The Onion’s Alabama bureau. The report cites the owner of Updyke’s rental property, who says the suspect has relocated "by a creek somewhere in Alabama. I’ve tried to embed WSFA’s video of the story below. Hope it works for you, because it didn’t show up for me:

That report also mentions the possibility of additional arrests, as there have been findings on the internet of others with knowledge of the vandalism, which were posted before the story went public.

As a person who hopes this case can be dealt with in a court of law rather than at the hands of an angry mob, and who hopes Updyke can get professional, clinical help, because he is not a sane person, I guess it does make sense to me that Updyke would choose to hide out in the woods somewhere rather than stay put at home.

Remaining in police custody would’ve been the best bet, though.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.