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Glennon Threatt, Harvey Updyke's Fourth Lawyer, Goes On Paul Finebaum Show

Glennon Threatt Jr. is Harvey Updyke’s fourth court-appointed lawyer in the Toomer’s Corner tree case. Threatt was put on the job Tuesday after lawyers No. 2 and 3 cited reasons for preferring not to represent Updyke in Lee County court.

Threatt sounds like he’s in for the duration, promptly going on Finebaum to explain why he took the case. He told Paul Finebaum that Updyke chose to leave police custody because he was fearful officers would harm him, that he told police “something different” than the confession he made when he called into Finebaum to announce his supposed poisoning of the tree, and that Updyke shows “the lack of consciousness of guilt.”

He also says he's taking the case pro bono.

A man claiming to be a friend of Updyke’s also went on the program, claiming police kept Updyke in a straight jacket, Updyke knows nothing about herbicide, and that Updyke’s wife vetoed his attempt to name one of their children Ally-Bama.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.