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VIDEO: Vanderbilt Mascot's Punch Bloodies Nose Of Learned Aristocrat

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The Vanderbilt Commodores have had it, rest of the SEC. They'll never be good at football, their basketball team might lose its first-round bye at the SEC Tournament, and their fans had a white-out in their game against the Tennessee Volunteers, the most redundant white-out in sports history. You'll forgive their mascot -- and that's Mr. Commodore to you -- for snapping.

Lord knows why, but he punched a student in the face, leaving him with a very bloody nose.

That's a lot of exquisite DNA and world-class pedigree leaking on the floor there.

The school's investigation into the matter centers around "what happened" while Mr. C was "crowd-surfing." What happened is that kid got popped in the nose and everybody immediately, and I mean immediately, laughed at him, proving these future CEOs will turn on each other at the first sign of blood even before the first sign of blood:


Don't act like Mr. Commodore doesn't know his way around the streets, son.

ht Blutarsky

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.