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VIDEO: A.J. Green's 2011 NFL Combine Training Teases What Might've Been

This video of A.J. Green's workouts in advance of the 2011 NFL Combine is impressive stuff, and you can't blame Linda Cohn for tripping up when describing Green's amazing talent. He looks blazingly fast, strong, and ready. The part that bugs me, though, is when he says he's doing stuff with his body that he never thought he could do.

As in, never thought he could do while playing at Georgia. There's a reason Georgia's stepping up its strength and conditioning game big time, and here's your evidence why upgrades were essential:

Nobody would accuse Green of not being a hard worker. He very clearly cared about his game, his teammates, and his school. But imagine how incredible he could've been if his physique had received this kind of attention from trainers during his time in Athens. There's a bittersweet tint to Green's career as a Dawg, as he was indeed an all-time great, but was never a part of a great team.

Still, here's a positive note. With the greater emphasis being made on strength and conditioning this offseason, it might be a while before a player has to leave Georgia to find out what he's capable of.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.