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VIDEO: A.J. Green's NFL Combine Press Conference, Weigh-In Leave Some Unimpressed

A.J. Green will work out Sunday at the 2011 NFL Combine, but took the podium Saturday to answer media questions at an interview session. He comes across as calm and likable, two traits that aren't of any surprise to any Georgia Bulldogs observer. When asked why he chose to leave Georgia early, he mentions that he's close to getting his degree.

He lists his biggest strengths as his work ethic and passion for football, and mentions his experience in Georgia's pro-style offense as helping him prepare for the NFL. He also says he needs to get better at running routes and studying. 

Buffalo Rumblings latches onto one of Green's quotes, in which he says he needs to do a better job of preparing to play. They think that's a concern, and I kind of see it both ways. He's got to list something he wants to get better at, and what's he supposed to say? Catching the ball? Then we say, "Oh, he doesn't know how to catch the ball." But then again, Georgia's offensive coaching staff in recent years has not been widely heralded for helping players learn how to prepare.

He weighed in at 211 pounds, which also worries Buffalo Rumblings. As for the NFL scout they quote as saying Green looks like he hasn't spent much time in the weight room ... well, he's kind of right.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.