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Like Isaiah Crowell's Georgia Hat? Here's Where To Buy One

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The New Era fitted Georgia Bulldogs RB Isaiah Crowell wore yesterday while announcing his intent to become a Dawg is available for sale, and I suspect it's going to become a popular item. You can buy one online from this page at Lids, and no that's not an affiliate link or what have you. This is a public service!




Whoever decided to have Crowell sport that hat (and hold that puppy), whether it was Crowell or somebody else, made a brilliant marketing move. Nothing captures the spirit of Mark Richt's new recruiting plan than a Dawg logo covering the entire state of Georgia. His signing made the class a success, both in raw star ratings and as the execution of a specific vision.


Yes, there's a Georgia Tech one too. There are tons of them, actually. Pick out your favorites -- I really like the idea of ECU running North Carolina, the Baylor Bears owning Texas, and the Cincinnati Bearcats lording over Ohio.


Via @AndyHutchins

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.