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Washaun Ealey Suspension Confirmed By Mark Richt

Washaun Ealey was suspended by Mark Richt as of Tuesday or so, the program confirmed. That’s not any sort of surprise, as reports had been coming out since Tuesday morning about Ealey’s suspension, but there’s the official word.

No telling what exactly Ealey did to earn the suspension, but his reported failure to run his scheduled “punishment runs” is still the prevailing theory.

Richt on Ealey:

We have certain expectations and standards that apply to all our student-athletes. We expect them to do things the right way, the Georgia way. If Washaun does things the Georgia way, he’ll be back in good standing.

Ealey has said he wants to remain a member of the Georgia Bulldogs, but “is unsure of his future.” That Georgia Southern transfer rumor is still out there after Ealey was seen hanging out at Snooky’s Restaurant in Statesboro with Eagles recruits. If Georgia is still Plan A, Ealey’s got some work to do. And punishment runs to run.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.