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President Obama's Bracket, 2011 March Madness Predictions Betray Chalk Lobby Sympathies

President Barack Obama picked a Final Four for both the men's and women's 2011 NCAA tournaments, going with all four No. 1 seeds to reach the last stage in both tourneys. That's the Duke Blue Devils, Kansas Jayhawks, Ohio St. Buckeyes, and Pittsburgh Panthers in the men's event, and the Baylor Bears, Connecticut Huskies, Stanford Cardinal, and Tennessee Volunteers in the women's.


While Republicans immediately responded in outrage about the chiiiildren with a pre-written statement they spent time writing that decried the president for spending time writing, I'm glad he makes tourney picks every year, and I'm glad he got the champ (North Carolina) right in 2009. But after failing to repeat in 2010 while picking two No. 2 seeds, he's going back to the drawing board, and the drawing board is covered in chaaaaaalk.


I'm concerned because this bracket means he hasn't been watching men's college basketball this year. If he had, he would know that everybody loses to anybody this season. I could see all four No. 1 seeds making the women's Final Four, but it's just not happening in the men's. Mr. President, whatever you're doing with your time that keeps you from doing the research necessary to create a proper bracket, please consider re-prioritizing it.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.