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VIDEOS: March Madness 2011 Game-Winners By Kentucky, Butler, Temple, Morehead State

Day one (“three”) of March Madness packed a lot of drama into the first few waves of games, with a handful of them ending on the final shot seemingly all at once. I was writing up one NCAA Tournament game while keeping an eye on the Temple-Penn State box score when I saw that, yep, Juan Fernandez just hit a game-winning shot with a second left.

Here’s Fernandez’ shot to beat Penn State, which followed a similarly great shot by Talor Battle:

And here’s Kentucky’s Brandon Knight, hitting his first shot of the day to take down Princeton:

Morehead State’s win over Louisville was suspect at first. Does this look like a foul to you?

Butler’s Matt Howard downed a literal buzzer-beater to put away Old Dominion, prompting an eye-roller of a call:

The ending of UCLA-Michigan State was filled with drama, but that’s mostly because UCLA let Sparty walk right back in the game after leaving them in a crater for most of it. And here’s the attempted game-winner by Vandy over Richmond:

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.