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Dancing With The Stars 2011 Odds: Kendra Wilkinson, Ralph Macchio Favored Against Hines Ward

But of course Bodog has odds on the 2011 edition of Dancing With The Stars, which features Georgia Bulldogs hero Hines Ward. Ward’s odds are right near the top, but I think they’re kind of skewed by Bodog’s traditional customer base.

Someone who is used to using Bodog to bet on football will see Ward’s name and lay down a few bucks, having seen him tromp somewhat gracefully around NFL fields for years. This person also grew up watching Ralph Macchio and has his or her own reasons for knowing who Kendra Wilkinson is.

Kendra Wilkinson: 7/2
Hines Ward, Ralph Macchio: 11/2
Chelsea Kane, Sugar Ray Leonard: 6/1
Mike Catherwood: 15/2
Lil Romeo: 8/1
Chris Jericho, Kirstie Alley: 10/1
Wendy Williams: 12/1
Petra Nemcova: 18/1

Far be it from me to gamble on a show I’ve never even watched, but those are some mighty enticing odds on Chris Jericho. You’re telling me a man who has literally participated in mostly choreographed athletic performances with a partner and in front of viewers for decades can only barely out-dance Wendy Williams?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.