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Dancing With The Stars 2011 Results, Scores: Ralph Macchio, Kirstie Alley Top Hines Ward

Night one of Dancing With The Stars is in, with Georgia’s Hines Ward totally not embarrassing himself at all. He ended up tying with Disney’s Chelsea Kane for the third-highest score of the night behind Ralph Macchio of Karate Kid fame and Kirstie Alley of some other fame.

A list of DWTS scores, based on numbers held on cards by the show’s judges:

Ralph Macchio: 24
Kirstie Alley: 23
Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane: 21
Chris Jericho, Lil Romeo: 19
Kendra Wilkinson, Petra Nemcova: 18
Sugar Ray Leonard: 17
Wendy Williams: 14
Mike Catherwood: 13

I don’t think judges’ scores really matter all that much, since the whole thing is based around public voting anyway. Wendy Williams was indeed horrible, just kind of hoofing around the stage, while Sugar Ray Leonard looked terrified during rehearsals and the performance. I still don’t know who Mike Catherwood is, and didn’t happen to catch a second of his dancing.

Swear I didn’t watch more than five minutes of this. Totally didn’t watch that much of it at all.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.