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Athens PD Does Something Right, Rescues A Distressed Kenny Powers

Please sit down and swallow any beverages you may be consuming before reading the following, as its contents may be quite alarming: The legendarily enthusiastic Athens police department interacted with a famous athlete near UGA property, and the encounter did not end with the athlete in handcuffs. Of course, it helps that the party in question was a fake athlete. Perhaps that did the trick.


Statesboro's own Danny McBride, of Eastbound & Down hurling fame, was recently swarmed by locals while partying in Athens, and rescued by, of all things, a bike cop. All credit to the boys in blue for getting a national treasure out of an escalating situation, but we're genuinely shocked McBride didn't end up being booked on charges of, I don't know, walking too jauntily.


(HATERS, ALERT: This is about where you'll want to start implying, ever so politely, that Mark Richt is leaning on local law enforcement to take it easy on ballplayers of all sorts, to further prop up the house of cards he's building at ThUGA. You're welcome!)

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.