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NFL Draft 2011: Cam Newton's Workout Schedule Includes Panthers, Titans, Redskins

Cam Newton is beginning his barnstormin’ tour of the NFL’s worst teams, with his schedule laid out for the next several weeks. He’ll start with a home stand at Auburn, welcoming Miami, Buffalo, Minnesota, and Cincinnati before taking the show on the road.

He’s expected to work out for each of the following teams, making his only NFC South visit on April 5 and his only other appearances in Southeastern towns on April 6 and April 15. If anybody picking after Washington thinks they’re making good use of their time by working out Newton, they’re crazy. There’s no way this kid is slipping past Daniel Snyder.

Miami Dolphins: March 27 at Auburn
Buffalo Bills: March 28 at Auburn
Minnesota Vikings: March 30 at Auburn
Cincinnati Bengals: April 4 at Auburn
Carolina Panthers: April 5 in Carolina
Tennessee Titans: April 6 in Tennessee
Cincinnati Bengals: April 12 in Cincinnati
Cleveland Browns: April 13 in Cleveland
Washington Redskins: April 15 in Washington
Denver Broncos: April 18 in Denver

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.