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PHOTO: Houston Nutt's Insane Ole Miss Locker Room Wall Art

The Mississippi Rebels football locker room is turning into my third-grade Trapper Keeper, just with a much higher budget. After that confounding Egg Bowl banner, which makes beating the Mississippi St. Bulldogs into the crowning height of sports potential, you'll be delighted to discover Houston Nutt's motivational artwork has only ramped up in intensity and strangeness.

Make your best Dante jokes upon reviewing the circles of Excellence, Untrustables, and Uncommitted, but you'll need to reference either Eliot or Pilgrim's Progress to properly capture the World of the Uninvested. Click to make this much bigger:


Via Blutarsky

And here's Nutt's very wonderful explanation:

If your partner doesn't go to class, you both run. One of you oversleeps? Both of you overslept. And both of you have got to pay a penalty. And so you get so many penalties and you start, you get outside - you don't want to be outside the blue. What I'm excited about, with 121 right now, I think we've got four names up there.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.