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VIDEO: Tim Tebow Commercial For Jockey Has QB Stunting In White Tee

First of all, Tim Tebow, if you're going to do a Jockey commercial that's about white T-shirts, you go with this as your accompaniment, not a free Rock Band 2 song. I've attempted to gather both a set of dumb jokes your friends will write when you share this video with them and some ideas for your term paper on the ad, but first let's watch the commercial before we go any further:

Tebow has become the trollmaster of American advertisement. His anti-abortion Super Bowl commercial set off debates for obvious reason, but it seemed like about as many people were just as upset over his energy drink ad about the skeptical things "said" by "they." Or maybe you don't follow the very specific group of people on Twitter that I do. Folks sure seemed to hate that one, though.

Though it really had nothing on that Hyundai commercial with the Warhol-colored hipsters dancing around the car for Christmas. When I think of the 2011 college football bowl season I think of scarves, and that's way worse than anything Tim Tebow could ever do. Thanks for listening.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.