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2011 Georgia Spring Game: G-Day Rosters Unveiled For Red And Black Teams

The 2011 Georgia football spring game, set for April 16, involves the employment of a novel roster-construction device: captains have chosen up teams schoolyard-style. Teams Red and Black have been divvied up, as this photo by @GentryEstes247 displays.

Aaron Murray and Christian LeMay are quarterbacking the Black team, while Hutson Mason leads team Red. Washaun Ealey's presence on team Black immediately establishes my rooting interests, although it would be hard to root against his team anyway, as it includes Trinton Sturdivant, an athlete fans of any color should show respect for. Drew Butler and Blair Walsh remain at odds, with those who prefer the classic kicking method suddenly feeling drawn toward Red.

One noteworthy set of omissions: incoming freshman. Isaiah Crowell? Ray Drew? Jay Rome? Malcolm Mitchell? Et cetera? Will they be asked to form a third team, be it White or Silver?

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.