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Georgia Spring Game: Aaron Murray Safety Gives Red Team First Score

Despite being hammered by injuries, the Georgia Bulldogs defense has somehow managed to put a safety on the field. It — I’m sorry, apparently the Red team defense actually scored a safety, sacking Aaron Murray in the end zone after Carlton Thomas coughed up a ball on the goal line. Derrick Lott achieved the two-pointer.

Shortly after, Thomas fumbled again, with Black recovering this time. Black’s Blair Walsh was able to convert a 43-yard field goal to make it 3-2, and somewhere Tommy Tuberville’s heart warmed. The quarter concluded with that amazing score. That’s Aaron Murray’s team, again, for those of us having a hard time keeping these things straight.

Isaiah Crowell drew a lot of attention on the sidelines, with Jay Rome and Ray Drew managing to escape the public’s eye. This is what happens when you fail to bring white bulldog puppies to your school announcement, gentlemen.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.