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Georgia Spring Game Final Score: Aaron Murray's Black Team Wins, 18-11

Black began the fourth quarter of the 2011 Georgia Bulldogs spring game with a 10-5 lead after a Brandon Harton fumble bailed out the Red defense. Red powered the ball down the field on Carlton Thomas’ feet and some sharp passes from Hutson Mason to Tavarres King, with Thomas punching in a touchdown. Red missed the two-pointer, making it 11-10.

Christian LeMay responded with a clutch scoring drive that included a quarterback keeper, always a questionable spring game tactic since the quarterbacks can’t be tackled. Ken Malcome took it in from 12 out to make it 16-11, with Aaron Murray coming back in to throw the two-point conversion.

Parker Welch took the field with two minutes left: perhaps the last nine words any defense wants to hear. He was able to get something of a drive going before Reuben Faloughi delivered a hurry and a sack to essentially end the game and earn the Black team a meal of steak and lobster.

Good news: Nobody got hurt! That we know of yet!

Kwame Geathers, Alec Ogletree, and Chase Vasser were among the defenders hearing their names frequently. Ogletree’s speed and nose for contact might make Todd Grantham look like a genius for sliding him to linebacker.

Attendance was announced as 43,117, a new G-Day record. Whether you accept that number or not, it’s higher than last year’s record, which you may or may not have accepted.

Why hello there, Connor Norman. The walk-on defensive back filled in for a bombed-out secondary with a diving pick and at least two tipped passes.

Not news: Aaron Murray is the best player on UGA’s roster. He was nearly perfect on the day, throwing for about the same percentage in live semi-action as Matthew Stafford did during the halftime contest. Mason didn’t look outstanding for the most part, and LeMay still has as long a way to go as you’d think.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.