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Ryan Mallett Admits Drug Use To NFL Team General Manager, According To Report

Shock! Horror! Ryan Mallett told a NFL general manager he's used drugs! While he earns points from the cited GM for his honesty, he also loses quite a few from head-in-the-sand types who apparently assume Mallett, the BMOC of a large state university, is unique in his drug use.

Absolutely no fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks or anything about them, but kind of feel like the Family Arm is the victim of stereotyping here. The way he talks, the state he grew up in and played college football in ... there's an air around the whole situation that leads one to assume the use of harder stuff than just marijuana, which more than half of the NFL Draft's prospects have likely tried at one point or another.

Then again, there was the sketchiness he displayed about the subject when asked at the NFL Combine and in other instances, so it's not like the image is totally unfair.

Drug use technically covers everything from painkillers to alcohol, so of course the issue isn't really one of health but rather something more along the lines of "Are you going to need to be suspended at some point after we've paid you a signing bonus, young man?"

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.