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Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium Undamaged In Tuscaloosa Tornado Outbreak

Wednesday night a series of tornadoes tore across the Southeast, with most of the worst damage reserved for Alabama. Tuscaloosa was hit especially hard, with the University of Alabama forced to cancel classes and other daily operations for Thursday.

One consolation for Alabama Crimson Tide fans: Bryant-Denny Stadium was spared damage, according to Bama head softball coach Patrick Murphy. At one point an enormous tornado veered perilously close to the facility, with a nearby observer capturing video of it from the third floor of a campus apartment. It looked to be very close to the stadium, but Murphy says the storm missed it by about half a mile to the south, with not even a banner harmed. Half a mile isn't a very big distance at all, considering how huge those twisters were.

For most communities, the condition of the football stadium would be an afterthought, but for most Tuscaloosa citizens it has to be at least somewhat comforting to know that the area's pride and joy survived a terrible night.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.