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Tornado Photos, Videos, Relief Info Shared En Masse By Alabama Fans At Roll Bama Roll

SB Nation's Alabama Crimson Tide community, Roll Bama Roll, has functioned as a gathering place for Alabamans since late Wednesday, with members meeting to share pictures and videos of damage caused by a massive surge of tornadoes throughout the state. RBR also shared a link to the Red Cross' Alabama tornado relief donation page.

The post thread contains hundreds of comments, a couple dozen photos, links to tons of videos and live streams and news articles, reports from affected areas and people checking in. It's an incredible read, and likely one of the most comprehensive documents you'll find anywhere on the scope and severity of the tornado.

Our Auburn Tigers blog, Track Em Tigers, later set up a thread of its own, which isn't quite as extensive but will still likely fill up with more throughout the day Thursday.

It's a story that isn't about sports, but as these two sports blog communities show, sometimes the bonds formed through sports are strong enough to hold even in the worst moments.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.