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Alabama Tornadoes Postpone Auburn White House Trip, Injure Carson Tinker, Damage Ed McClure's Home

The effects of Wednesday night's disastrous tornado activity throughout Alabama are still being realized, with many in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and elsewhere without power, searching for missing loved ones or far worse. Many of the area's athletes were likely affected in one way or another, but here are a few we know about.

Alabama Crimson Tide long snapper Carson Tinker was thrown 50 feet from his home, according to Nick Saban. He was hurt, but is expected to recover. That's a 220-pound man being hurled almost a fifth of a football field through the air, which provides about as scary an idea as you can find of how powerful those storms were.

NASCAR driver Ed McClure's Virginia home was demolished, but his family made it out OK.

Far less tragic, but still disappointing for the families involved, is the necessary postponement of Auburn's trip to meet President Barack Obama at the White House in celebration of their national title.

Other Alabama sports figures have been able to pitch in and start helping -- former Alabama coach Gene Stallings is grilling food for people, and Saban was reportedly driving around and distributing water, to name a pair.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.