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Dancing With The Stars April 5 Elimination Show Results: Hines Ward Stay Winning

Started writing about Dancing With The Stars' 2011 season because Hines Ward is in it, and he played college football at Georgia. Now I'm stuck writing about it, because it looks like he has a great chance of winning the thing, if the Terrible Towel-waving judges are any indication.

On Tuesday night's week three results show, Ward and partner Kym Johnson earned the night's first elimination show safe pass, being told by the judges that they were in the clear before reprising their performance. Apparently that doesn't often happen.

The good news: Wendy Williams was eliminated. Probably should've happened shortly before week one. Here's a more complete rundown of the elimination show's events.

After Ward and Johnson were told they made it through another week, the show's judges broke out those awful Pittsburgh Steelers rags out of nowhere after never rooting for the Steelers before in their lives, thus acting just like actual Steelers fans, am I right?

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.