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Janoris Jenkins Transferring To North Alabama, According To Report

Dismissed Florida Gators CB Janoris Jenkins is transferring to play for the North Alabama Lions, according to's Josh Buchanan. I'm not familiar with that particular outfit, but it's good enough for Mocking The Draftand is thus good enough for me.

UNA is a booming, transfer-hoarding Division II program in Florence that plays in the Gulf South Conference, coached by Terry Bowden. Yes, that Terry Bowden! In Bowden's two years on the job, the Lions have reached the playoffs, making it as far as the national quarterfinal after a conference title, and have their sights set on a Division I jump.

As MTD notes, North Alabama hasn't sent a player to the NFL Draft since 1999. All Jenkins will have to do to break that streak will be to stay far, far away from trouble, stay in shape, and be by far the best player on the field in every game this season.

For more on Janoris Jenkins' dismissal and what it means for the Gators' 2011 campaign, head over to SBN's Alligator Army.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.