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Aaron Douglas Dies, And ESPN Insider Wants To Talk Depth Charts Immediately

UPDATE: ESPN has apologized.

Alabama Crimson Tide OT Aaron Douglas was reportedly found dead in Jacksonville. Considering he'd spent two seasons as a member of the Tennessee Volunteers, this makes for an all-around sad day for anybody connected to just about any SEC fanbase and a moment to think about a football player as more than just a football player.

Unless if you're ESPN College Football Rumor Central's Albert Lin, in which case the story is a reason to immediately charge people money to read about whether Cyrus Kouandijo can take over for the departed player (screencap via @nastinchka):


Talking about depth charts after an injury is one thing, but doing so regarding a player whose teammates have only begun to mourn him? It gets worse, too. Read the opening line, for which would like you to pay them money:

Looks as if Nick Saban was prescient when he gave rising senior OL Alfred McCullough and rising junior RG Barrett Jones snaps at LT this spring. 

You have to go pretty damn far to focus on football so single-mindedly that you offend Tennessee and Alabama fans at the same time, but judging by the reaction on Twitter and in the story's comment section, you've done it, ESPN.

More at EDSBS.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.