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Dancing With The Stars Injury Video: Hines Ward Lands On Kym Johnson's Neck

In case you missed it last night -- and why would you miss Dancing With The Stars starring Georgia Bulldogs icon Hines Ward, sports fan? -- Ward's partner Kym Johnson suffered a wince-worthy neck injury during the previous week's training, clips of which aired before they took the stage. Here's video of Ward attempting to lift her through his legs but slipping and landing with his entire body weight pressing her neck into the floor:

Ward has always been known as a tough football player; looks like he has a dance partner just about as tough as he is. Not only did she follow through with the week's performance despite receiving Triple H's finishing move, she and Ward also earned a pair of perfect scores for the night, the first and only two perfect stores of the season thus far.

Most amazing part: when she laments missing out on practice time while paramedics are placing her in a neck brace. Hines Ward's dance partner is a pretty Nick Saban.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.