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Hines Ward On Kym Johnson's DWTS Injury: 'I Was Sick'

In advance of the Dancing With The Stars finale, frontrunner Hines Ward has commented on the injury suffered by DWTS partner Kym Johnson while training for the previous week's episode. While attempting to hoist Johnson from the ground between his legs, Ward's feet slipped, causing the football player's 200-pound body to press her neck into the floor.

She received medical treatment, was diagnosed with a sprained C7 vertebrae and returned to perform, posting a pair of perfect scores despite having to train in a neck brace. Here's the Georgia Bulldogs great on having to deal with the injury: 

I was sick. You never wanna see your partner...we've been together for 10 weeks and that Friday was the worst Friday ever, to see your partner carted off and just being in the hospital with her and going over the MRIs. You start contemplating, what could I have done? Could I have prevented the fall? 

A far cry from questioning Ben Roethlisberger's toughness last season, an unfortunate comment for which Ward apologized. Oh, whatever; it's totally relevant. We're talking about Hines Ward talking about people who are hurt.

There aren't many people besides Ravens, Bengals and Browns fans who dislike Ward, and now he's added a legion of grandmothers to his own province of Steelers Nation. Especially if he and Johnson go and win this thing.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.